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Today I...

Today I booked an appointment at a hair dressers, and I did it over the phone.

I am made of more WIN than GOD.

hot chocolate !

today I err...

finally located some hot chocolate that doesn't require hot milk to be added.  I don't have a microwave - and heating milk in a pan a) uses a lot of milk b) creates washing-up c) takes up valuable living time.  Just adding hot water is what I want.  OK - I add a bit of cold milk too usually, to make it drinkable quicker - and make it a little bit creamier too.  But you get my point...

Thing is, I was happy with the jars of Cadburys (?) Options I used to buy... but then they disappeared off the shelves, living only hot-milk-reliant products.  Seriously annoying.  My search has been long and hard (over many weeks) - but finally I have located some!!!  I was so pleased.  It's made by Clipper, so it's organic & fairtrade too!  hurrah.  It's in Costcutters on campus, of all places...

I should have stockpiled before announcing this publicly, I guess...!

- and this should probably be cross-posted to the 'where do I buy ecologically-friendly products in York and how good are they?' community...

only I've not got around to creating it yet.

Still - go me !!!

I. Am. Win.

Today I successfully located my IBAN and SWIFT numbers; I checked my email, reading even the scary ones; I went into my dentist and established that I did not, in fact, miss my appointment, as it's on the 13ths; AND I remembered to buy milk so that I could make tea in the Research Students room.

I'm not sure a greater person has lived on this Earth. What do you think?

Today I...

Or rather, right this second, I am defragging my computer. This is very exciting for me, as I have never done it before, and the powers of wisdom tell me it will become a faster and more manageable beast as a result.
Today, and yesterday, I assembled flat-packed furniture. Previously, I would not have considered this to be on the list of Things That Ed Can Do...
Today, I went swimmming, forgot a brush or comb, and managed to go shopping in Asda afterwards without (a) catching a cold or (b) losing my slender grip on my sanity due to frustration at my hair. I feel triumphant.

Friday: Today I....

Today I successfully avoided being trampled by a tethered pony and being run over by a porter-mobile.

PH3AR my haXX0r ninja moves!

In unrelated stuff: I had thought it would be good to have just one post, where everybody boasted about their exploits, per day, so as to avoid filling up each other's friends lists. Is this a good idea, or do people generally not care that much?
Today, while sneezing ten times in a row due to lurgies, I accidentally launched myself at the laptop and pulled the power switch out, thus crashing the puter. I feel that this was a significant sneeze-related achievment and thus worthy of mention.

Thursday: Today I achieved...

Today I turned on a lightswitch using only my head.

I. Am. L33T.

What did you do?