Today I, ummm, I know I did something...

Today I achieved...
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This is a community in which to boast about your achievements! After all, it's easy to focus on the bad, wot?

Every day there will be a post in which members are invited to tell other members about their achievements. This can, of course, be any sort of achievement at all. Picking your nose is a kind of achievement; as is putting the sugar in the fridge and the milk in the cupboard; similarly, we consider discovering an extra drawer in your kitchen that you never knew existed to be praiseworthy indeed. However, although you should feel free to post about any and all achievements, please be warned that actual, significant achievements will be mocked. Your finished your PhD today? Won a Nobel Prize? Started going out with someone? Had a baby? Well done. Go post about it on your own journal, though, if you want praise and congratulations. This community is essentially for those days when nothing seems to be going right, so our scale of appreciation is topsy-turvy.

"Today I turned on a lightswitch using only my forehead" is deserving of high praise - it should be up there with landing on the moon.
"Today I tightrope-walked across the Grand Canyon" - well, any old fool can do that, what are you, some kind of gibbering imbecile?

You see how it goes?

So, join in the fun!

- If there's already been one post made today, try to post your achievement in the comments, rather than filling up everyone's friendspages

- Anyone can make the post for the day - if you achieved something supremely wonderful at breakfast time, you don't have to wait for me to make the post - make it yourself! Just title it: "[Insert day of week]: Today I achieved..."